Our Story

Fly Dad's mission is to provide baby products for the sophisticated, new father. The idea was born from the life experiences of a couple of friends from the ad industry. 

Manny Digital is a father of 3 wonderful children. As such he spends a great deal of time optimizing his fatherhood style and being as real a dad as he can to help guide his children, and provide for them the best upbringing possible. Along with his Hip Hop loving friends he co-host's a parenting podcast called the Father Hoods, where these dads invite people from all around Hip Hop culture to kick it about their joys, pains and many anxieties through fatherhood. 

Paulina had a horrible experience with her daughter's father and wanted to give back to all the dads out there that were doing right by their kids. She was falsely accused of abusing her daughter by her estranged husband in an effort to get revenge and gain control. This resulted in a lengthy court battle to prove her innocence. Her daughter was taken away for the duration of the investigation. In the end, she won and got her kid back. In an effort to fight hate with love, she knew she had to do something to show appreciation for all the fathers out there that put their kids before their ego. Teaming up with Manny was a perfect opportunity since he was one of the most selfless dads she knew.